TestaMint is the first NFT collective

Create, sell, and collect digital wares secured with blockchain

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Your creative, Our technology

Rapid set-up

Never write a single line of code

Fast Transactions

No more pending transactions

Tech Integrations

2D, 3D, AR, VR, AI, NFC


Provide unique value to only the token holder

Revenue Split

Creators get paid on every sale, effortlessly

Live Stats

Real-time platform activity


Powerful tools to track and report on your token's reach


Inspire, learn and add your own twist to our existing library

What clubhouse is saying

I swear I’ll fuckin fight until ALL ARTISTS HAVE THE PROPER RECOGNITION. we don’t work for anybody we WORK TOGETHER


first off let's have a moment of silence for @makersplaceco, RIP sweet prince, we hardly knew ye.

so since the drop was a dumpster fire, we're gonna do a raffle instead. if you were registered, you're automatically entered so be on lookout for an email over next 24 hours!


“If I’m pretending, why not write happy endings.”


My life's mission is to accelerate the careers of 10,000 independent visual artists.


There’s many different ways for us to go from here, first I wanted to understand the tech and also meet/collaborate with the people involved. even though there are some people interested only in the bubble, there’s still a lot of incredible people involved for the right reasons.


Our desires reach beyond the flesh.

8 fully animated pieces with unique soundscapes.

Created with a procedural, completely custom, self-developed workflow consisting of ~1200 nodes.


so @3LAU just sold nearly 200k worth of NFTs + physical component in about 9 minutes.

I think the game just changed.


it’s absolutely fucking mindblowing how a 5 minute NFT auction just replaced the devastating loss of income that came with not being able to tour for a year, I hope this paves the way for all my homies in the music world who are struggling right now to be able to do the same


The people have spoken …


Make a testament to your creativity with us

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